How to turn your old smartphone into a security camera

If technology has a positive impact on our daily lives by greatly improving our productivity, well-being and comfort, one of its uses, and not the least, is to increase our security, especially through surveillance cameras that have been democratized in recent years. Today, with modern security cameras, it is possible to monitor your home remotely, knowing what is happening there in real time, which is ideal in the event of a burglary. But did you know that you have the possibility to turn your old smartphone into a connected camera just as effectively?

Owning a security camera is no longer a luxury. Now essential to protect property and people, it can help you protect your family and property from burglaries. And if the price discourages you, know that you can make one without breaking the bank, simply by recycling your old smartphone. We explain how.

Why is it important to have a security camera?

Robberies are very common in big cities, especially during holidays or vacations, when residents are away from home. The greatest difficulty in this case is being able to identify the thieves in the hope of obtaining justice, and in this, Surveillance cameras have proven to be essential tools in combating intrusions. In fact, they can record clear photos of intruders, which can help the authorities identify and catch them. These images can also be used as evidence in legal proceedings. This has led many people to adopt security cameras to monitor their homes or offices. However, many are still reluctant to make the decision, mainly because of the cost of these devices. The good news is that You can make your home to monitor your home, through a wifi connection, even if you are tens of kilometers away. And it won’t cost you anything! All you need is the old smartphone lying at the bottom of your drawer and an app for that use.

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Watch your home with a security camera

Monitor your home with a security camera – Source: spm

Smartphones quickly became a kind of extension of our hands, and soon they imposed themselves in our daily lives thanks to Various features. One of them, in this case the camera, is the one that will allow you to turn your old mobile phone into a wireless security camera. To do this, nothing is simpler. Head to the Google Play Store on Android phones or the Apple Store on iOS devices to download one of the apps offered to turn your phone into a security camera. Once you have installed the software, configure your phones according to the different functions required. These apps make it possible to configure the old smartphone as a security camera and monitor the home over the existing smartphone. Note that To use this trick, the old smartphone must still be functionalIt is online and arranged to cover the area you want to monitor.

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You can turn your old smartphone into a security camera

You can turn your old smartphone into a security camera – Source: spm

As you will understand, having a home security camera is important Ensure the security of their property And his family. In addition, using an old smartphone that still works, along with the appropriate app, is an economical and effective alternative that allows you to leave your home with peace of mind. Do not hesitate if tempted by this trick, because as the saying goes, caution is the mother of safety.

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