Need a $10,000 gaming PC to be a better video game player?

Since the emergence of the YouTube and Twitch scene, many gamers want to switch to PC. But of course, the budget isn’t the same on a console… graphics card, processor, 144Hz screen… you have to know where to look to play in good conditions

A more expensive gaming PC to play better?

Many gamers have migrated from console to PC, but without really knowing what they’re getting into. For once, you have to take into account a lot of parameters and, above all, really know your needs. Obviously, a brave gamer will not have the same selection criteria as a Cyberpunk 2077 player.

The very popular Youtuber Linus Tech Tips had fun with his team to create the best gaming PC ever out there. RTX-4090 ROG Strix processor i9 13900FNothing is chosen at random. Obviously, the screen used offers a refresh rate of up to 390 Hz, which is the highest frequency on the market, in order to play as smoothly as possible. Same goes for the peripherals, a very lightweight Zaunkoeing MK2 mouse and a Wooting 60H2 keyboard with analog keys.

Need a $10,000 gaming PC to be a better video game player?

The goal of this experiment is simple: is hardware really important to improve its performance? Of course, you need to take into account the general level of the player, because not everyone is as skilled in CS: GO as Fortnite. Altogether, the videographer’s machine exceeds 13,000 euros … a large sum for playing video games, but above all, beyond the reach of all budgets.

The esports scene has brought a lot of novelties in the concept of gamers versus their devices. By taking a look at the settings of your favorite Youtubers and Streamers, you’ve probably felt the need to optimize your gaming PC. Naturally, brands play a lot to promote their technological innovations.

However, you should always keep your goals in mind. Obviously, a gamer who plays competitive games like Overwatch 2 or Valorant won’t have the same hardware expectations as someone who wants to play a big AAA like Red Dead Redemption II or Cyberpunk.

If you are looking for the highest visual quality, with high resolution (2K or 4K) and extreme ray tracing effectsit is better to bet on a large composition with an extension RTX 4070 Ti/ 4080or their older sisters (RTX 3080, 3090). If your goal is still fluid, you should know that competitive games are often too low-intensity to run on as many devices as possible. In these cases, you also might not destroy yourself by typing in power mid-range hardware, (old generation i5 / RTX 2000, or even GTX 1000). In these cases, you will definitely have to settle for playing in Full HD (1080p) or even 2K (1440p), but in this case, the question of the screen comes up.

Need a $10,000 gaming PC to be a better video game player?

To enjoy optimal smoothness, you have to look at something called the refresh rate, which is a number in Hertz (Hz), which indicates how many frames per second your game will be able to run. Office monitors often offer a maximum frequency of 60Hz, and sometimes 75Hz, which is just crazy for gaming.

You’ll then have to look at gaming monitors (Samsung Odyssey, Mateview GT, Gigabyte, Asus ROG, etc.) that have high refresh rates, which can go up to 390Hz like the model in the Linus Tech Tips video.

The keyboard/mouse combo used in the video is still quite atypical, and the analog keyboard model has been tuned to react to extremely low pressure. Response time is further reduced to gain a definite advantage over your opponent.

So is it really useful?

By itself, yes and no… You should always keep in mind that better hardware won’t make you “stronger” at video games, but it can benefit you greatly if you get comfortable with your setup.

You always have to be careful what you buy, hence the many tests on specialized sites. Don’t search for the Moon just to play League of Legends (unless your budget allows, of course). But in general, it is better to buy what we need for a few years before we can update our configuration.

New models of processors and graphics cards arrive regularly with higher performance than ever before. On the peripheral side, it is essential to regularly check for new releases on the websites of well-known manufacturers such as Logitech, Asus, MSI, and many others. Overall: No, you shouldn’t spend tens of thousands of euros to “play well”, first check which hardware is suitable for your needs (office automation, competitive gaming, ray tracing, streaming, video editing, etc.)

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