A great controller doesn’t get better

dead his DualSense Edge Sony is expanding its in-house PlayStation 5 portfolio with a pro controller in a few days. We were given a copy in advance for our big PLAY3.DE review and were therefore able to try out the new device in detail. How the new PS5 controller performed in our test and for whom it is worth buying, we could tell you in the additional lines.

Was that all included with the DualSense Edge?

All new PS5 controllers do that, but that’s the case with the PS5 controller. This comes in an instantly chic, sturdy white protective case with the PlayStation logo on it. I recently noticed that my DualSense Edge comes with a total of six interchangeable stick caps (2x standard, 2x high, 2x low) that you can attach in a few simple steps instead of the regular DualSense analog stick attachments.

In addition, 2x lever back buttons and 2x half-round back buttons (paddles) as well as a braided USB cable for charging the controller and a matching housing plug are included. You can expect a fairly extensive package that indicates what you can do with the new device.

Exciting new extras

Also, they didn’t finally use the DualSense Edge itself, even if it looks like a slightly more premium standard DualSense. At first, black was noticed as a slightly more prominent color, for example on the touchpad, the digipad and the action buttons. The shape and size hasn’t changed from the regular PS5 controller either, which is perhaps understandable given how well the device feels in the hand.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the DualSense Edge is also very comfortable to hold, or even a bit better than its “predecessor”. This is thanks to the fact that Sony has added additional textures, more precisely on the touchpad and on the two triggers (L2 + R2). When you look at it, you will also notice the first extras that the PlayStation manufacturer has given its pro controller.

First of all, you can now set how far the two triggers can be pressed: This is very easy to do with two small controls on the underside of the DualSense Edge, which you can adjust in three stages. For fast shooter games, for example, it is advantageous not to have to press the trigger completely to fire the weapon, after all, in a hotly contested match, one can be every decisive second. You can also adjust the intensity of the triggers, such as the range in which the controller reacts to your input. Again, this can be important in some games.

The downside of the coin is, of course, that you have to do without the special feeling that the adaptive triggers convey. In a game like “Horizon Forbidden West” the DualSense simulates the drawing of a bowstring, while in shooters the triggering of the weapon is imitated. This makes some games even more immersive, and if you value this feature, you’ll need to consider whether temporarily disabling dies is worth it.

The aforementioned sticks attach with interchangeable grips: all you would have to do is press the release button on the bottom of the controller to release a piece of plastic, which unfortunately is a veritable fingerprint magnet, over the analog sticks. Then all you have to do is flip a small lever next to one of the sticks and you can release them.

For shooters, for example, it’s a good idea to raise the right stick a little to make aiming easier. Since current stick models are often prone to drifts or similar errors, other alternatives warn here, such as genre-specific sticks (shooter, fighting games) or alternative models such as Hall effect joysticks, which have a longer life expectancy than the built-in ones have parts.

A real game changer, in the truest sense of the word, are the new function keys, which you can find below the two analog sticks. This gives you access to your control profiles, from which you can easily and quickly switch between four at the push of a button.

Significantly better gameplay

You can set your control profiles via the settings menu of the DualSense Edge controller. Fine adjustments can even be fixed comfortably in a game, for example between two rounds or two missions. In addition to the trigger sensitivity already mentioned, the analog sticks can also be adjusted individually for each one, if you like. Since different genres call for different tweaks, we tested the Pro’s upcoming controller settings with these games and created a different control profile depending on the genre:

  • Bright Memory: Infinite (First Person Shooter)
  • The Last of Us Part I (Survival Horror Adventure)
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands (tactical shooter)
  • Gran Turismo 7 (racing simulation)
  • Need for Speed ​​Unbound (Arcade Racing)
  • Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition (Action/Hack’n’Slay)

Furthermore, we tested the DualSense Edge with games from so many different genres, since the diversity of what was transferred can be shown wonderfully in this way, because with each title we had the impression that our modifications had given us a significantly better playing experience. “The Last of Us Part I” and “Ghost Recon: Wildlands”, for example, are rather slow shooters, but after our adjustments they are noticeably fast and precise.

In “Gran Turismo 7” and “Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound” the driving experience, which was already very good in both games, was even better thanks to the direct implementation of our commands. The same applies to “Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition”, in which Dante, Nero & Co. almost glide across the floor, while we were able to keep an eye on and edit the opponents at all times thanks to the somewhat smoother moving camera.

We had the feeling that action and fast-paced games in particular, primarily shooters, benefit from the DualSense Edge and, especially in fast online multiplayer battles, the actual options of the new pro controller give you the seconds that may be vital for survival to give fight to decide in Euron’s favor. There was a noticeable difference in other genres, but this should often be less decisive in single-player experiences.

Because it has been proven that Sony has many options for the controller to adapt the device to your personal preferences. You can do a lot more if you want to. Almost every key on the Edge can be assigned individually. The only exceptions are the system keys and the touchpad, although these can be deactivated if you wish. Unfortunately, double assignments of a key are not possible.

We also mentioned the paddles above, for which there are a total of two places on the bottom of the DualSense Edge, whereby the attachment works in a beautifully uncomplicated manner. In addition, these can be pressed comfortably and can be a lifesaver, especially in hectic shooter battles, while being placed on the paddles for actions such as slides, jumps or reloading. However, other pro controllers playing in a similar price range often offer more paddle slots, giving even more scope for customization.

A worthy pro controller

The downside of the many new features of DualSense Edge, however, is a point that has already provided for all discussions: the battery life. In direct comparison, these are slightly shorter than with the normal DualSense. We were able to play with the device for about three hours with all settings set to maximum. If you turn everything down, around nine hours should be realistic. If you prefer to do without some features.


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If you do this, if we leave out the slightly shorter battery life, you will have noticed that with the DualSense Edge you get a more than just worthy pro controller, which you can adapt to your personal needs thanks to the numerous customization options Prerequisites can adjust. However, such a device is of course not aimed at every gamer, but rather a small circle that invests a lot of time in this passion.

Speaking of investment: One point that gets everyone talking in advance is the price of Sony’s new Pro controller. At €240, the device is certainly not a bargain, but the DualSense Edge is not primarily aimed at casual gamers. Of course, we can’t tell you that you absolutely should spend this money, but what we can tell you is that you get a very appealing value that can further enhance the playing experience in Euro favorite games. In this price range, the device also offers more options than one or the other competitor device.

, A great controller doesn’t get better

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