Apple HomePod 2: Pre-order the smart speaker now

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On February 3, 2023, the HomePod 2 was released by Apple’s HomePod, and meanwhile said that Jahre didn’t have much experience with it. At that time, the HomePod convinced with a better sound than other smart speakers, but compared to competing products from Amazon and Co., it was too expensive and therefore disappeared from the market after three years. Since then, Apple has focused on the more affordable HomePod Mini – until now! With the second-generation Apple HomePod, the technology giant is now making a fresh start.

It was from the Apple HomePod 2

Of course, Apple has not splashed out on the new edition of the smart speaker and has equipped the HomePod 2 with some top features. Among other things, we can expect a rich bass and an optimized room acoustics engine. You can also look forward to these functions:

  • noise detection
  • Temperature and humidity meter
  • Remote access for smart home
  • The ability to use automations
  • Control via Siri

Apple HomePod 2: It’s not too smart

Apple has not made any groundbreaking changes to the design of the smart speaker. The touch control panel and the large woofer, which can produce rich bass, are also nothing new. However, we can also expect five smaller speakers powered by the new S7 chip, which has significantly more power. In this way, the HomePod can also recognize whether it is standing against a wall or in a corner and then steer the sound in that direction. And also the fun separate tweeters contribute to the perfect 3D surround sound experience. In addition to the Spatial Audio known from Apple, the second generation HomePod is of course also compatible with the Dolby Atmos standard and thus delivers HiFi sound.

Other highlights of the Apple HomePod 2

Unfortunately, Apple does not reveal in the data sheet exactly what performance the speakers in the second generation of the Apple HomePod can achieve. Aside from the pure sound performance, the complete compatibility with other Apple devices – for which the company is known – is a worthwhile advantage of the HomePod 2. However, in order to link your smartphone to the smart speaker, you need at least an iPhone 8 or iPhone SE. Then you can also connect your HomePod to other HomePods and create a multi-room system.

Pre-order the Apple HomePod 2

The HomePod 2 costs €349.00 at the order bar* in Media Markt and the official version was launched on February 3, 2023. You have the choice between the white and the black model, which you can currently pre-order from Media Markt*, Saturn* and Apple – both will certainly soon be available from other retailers. We will keep you up to date on this!

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, Apple HomePod 2: Pre-order the smart speaker now

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