Chronopost: Beware of this scam regarding the arrival of your package

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of our time, The scammers have a new playground. Thus, they can take advantage of the gullibility of netizens to extort money from them. Thanks to the Internet, scammers were inventedIts new techniques to deceive their prey. Thus, they can use various pretexts to get your attention and gain your trust. all of that For the purpose of collecting your personal information or prompt you to make an online payment. Recently, some deceitful people did not hesitate to do so Impersonating authorities or large companies. On top of that, a scam Fake Chronopost emails Emails continue to infect.

Well-established modus operandi behind this scam

This technique is called phishing.. Or “trolling” in French. The principle is simple. You receive a message that appears to come from an official source. Target? Get your attention and gain your trust.

In the current case, it isAn email that, at first glance, appears to come from Chronopost. The image and logo look original. This email asks you to confirm your shipping information. Clicking a link in the body of the email.

Chronopost Fake Email
Chronopost Fake Email

However, at present, Many people are used to ordering online. Thus, such a message is not surprising. So he can totally fool a lot of people. Furthermore it The recipient introduces himself as “Chronopost .fr”. However, people who reported this fraudulent email clicked on the associated address. And this one has it It has nothing to do with the addresses used by Chronopost.

Fake Chronopost email address
Fake Chronopost email address

In fact, it isFake emailwhich contains all company codes. Target? Convince you to click on the link it contains, to Get your personal data.

Chronopost alerts the public to stop this phenomenon

The latter, scams abound using the pretense of suspended parcels. Some scammers also use SMS to make victims. Faced with this trend, carriers decided to take up this topic. Also, Chronopost has decided on several tips to prevent people from falling into this trap. Some malicious people may try to recover your personal data or banking information. Never click on an email link whose original address or sender you don’t know. »

In order to help you expel scammers, Chronopost has published a list of its official addresses. These are the only ones that the company uses to communicate with its customers. Check the sender. Chronopost uses the following addresses:

Furthermore it, Chronopost always mentions the package tracking number By contacting customers. And you think you have received an SMS, double check the sender’s phone number. Thus, The only number used by the carrier is 38004. If the text message comes from another number, it is likely a scam.

In the futureBe careful when receiving notifications and messages on your smartphone. In fact, some scammers no longer hesitate to create scams by pretending to be banks or a health insurance company.

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, Chronopost: Beware of this scam regarding the arrival of your package

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