Dead Space Remake: So Scary That Developers Are Afraid To Play It!

On January 27th, just weeks after the divisive conclusion of The Callisto Protocol, the king of space horror games will return. That’s when the Dead Space remake will be released, and whether it’s still relevant will be known, more than 14 years after its initial release.

Dead Space: An ambitious remake to bring back the legend

Dead Space Remake: So Scary That Developers Are Afraid To Play It!

On July 22, 2021, after months of rumours, Electronic Arts has formalized the development of a new version of Dead Space, Originally released in 2008 And it was created by Visceral Fire Games. The title features Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent on a mining ship called the USG Ishimura. This majestic building no longer responds, and a team has been sent to find out what happened and Make the necessary repairs. At once all is but death and ruin, Foul creatures attack on sightAnd chaos reigns. on top of each, Isaac Clarke’s girlfriend, Nicole Brennan, is part of the crew.

Dead Space Remake: So Scary That Developers Are Afraid To Play It!

Then file starts A horror adventure with a crazy atmospherewhich, in its time, immediately became a reference, selling at More than two million copies. The dead will know space two wingsIt was released in 2011 and 2013, but changes to the formula and spin-offs didn’t convince. So in 2021 EA Motive is formalizing a Dead Space remake first from the name, Completely rebuilt the title using the Frostbite engineand update the overall experience of PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Dead Space Remake: So Scary That Developers Are Afraid To Play It!

Players will find out who launched the new version signals to the rest of the universe-A game with no load times, NPCs are better inserted into the story, More detailed creatures and feature it in more detail, an extra lore sequence or a zero gravity sequence and Lots of new stuff In terms of gameplay. Something to discover or rediscover in the best possible conditions in Dead Space. During the various shows, players noticed that the plasma cutter and gun sounds were strange. This is him immediately taken into accountThese voices have been reworked.

Remake able to scare its developers?

Dead Space Remake: So Scary That Developers Are Afraid To Play It!

EA Motive wants to make players happy, and Serve a logical remake. It will be necessary to wait for the test to see if the bet works, but in the meantime, the developers are confident. As if to give more weight to the idea of ​​remaking this cult game, some team members pointed out Don’t be afraid to play the remake because it will be scarier than ever. In an interview with Play magazine, the game’s art director, David RobillardHe said he struggled with playing for the title, especially on the night:

When I turn it on at night, I can’t play it with headphones. It’s very scary. It’s the level of realism and, again, the mood. Not just with the naked eye, right? In the way we manage sound, ambiance and effects with systems that will try to scare you. Those things, you know, could have been done (on PS4), but not at the level we’re doing today. And they really add a lot to the genre (…).

So, a simple continuity, or a real leap forward that allows a nearly 15-year-old game to become a cult again? We’ll know in a few days. Jan 27th. A few weeks after The Callisto Protocol whose sales fell short of expectations, Dead Space has a huge card to play. Waiting for a movie?


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