Hogwarts Legacy banned because of JK Rowling?

A new twist in communication about the next Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy. After controversy over JKRowling’s anti-transgender behavior and comments, some sites are taking a stand. Today, the popular website ResetEra, one of the largest online gaming forums, made a shocking announcement: all discussions about Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy have been banned!


  • The legacy of Hogwarts is in turmoil for more than one reason
  • The popular website ResetEra is strongly against promoting the game with this decision

The legacy of Hogwarts is in turmoil for more than one reason

The release of Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most divisive topics this year. On the other hand, players in the starting blocks to discover the Avalanche software production, Rush to their favorite retailer’s website Get a copy of the game and install it #1 in Steam sales, allowing some analysts to measure the game’s commercial success in the Harry Potter universe. But, on the other hand, a large community is campaigning to follow author J.K.Rowling’s transphobic remarks, and if they dream of a game set in the universe of their favorite franchise, they’re presented with a dilemma: We also dedicated an article to him just this weekend.

Hogwarts Legacy banned because of JK Rowling?Hogwarts Legacy banned because of JK Rowling?

A few days before the release, eighteen to be exact, The Hogwarts Legacy media campaign crosses a huge field of Bludgers. The magic does exist, but not all audiences embrace it. And on top of that, we only learned today that the developers of the title were facing A complex internal policy forces them to double the intense work periods. Between the attitude taken towards the author and these painful revelations, Home Hogwarts Legacy You may lose a few points. During the day, another piece of information reached us showing great steadfastness in condemning the ideologies of the Lightning Scar Mage’s creator.

Everywhere on the web, the Internet is filled with sites and forums where gamers can discuss a whole host of games and, above all, their current title. approaching release Hogwarts Legacythe most active members of the ResetEra site were delighted with the idea of ​​u200bu200bstarting calm or, on the contrary, fiery discussions about the Avalanche Software game. Unfortunately for them, the site team and moderators decided to oppose the promotion of the game, and most importantly, against the game itself!

directly in the “Games Forum” section, One of the site’s executives took the floor to report on the internal discussion that took place over Hogwarts Legacy. Following this public consultation, in which JKRowling’s topics, convictions, and personal actions were discussed, The site moderators have determined that ResetEra will not host official “threads” or discussion about the game. According to them, this choice is justified, because JK Rowling ” He uses the influence and money gained from his success with Harry Potter to advance anti-transgender legislation. “.

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