Makale: The new app delivers KI-generator articles to the iPhone

The topic of artificial intelligence does not stop at text creation. Only recently, the chat AI for ChatGPT caused a stir, which allows you to have conversations with an artificial intelligence. Even with editorial content, there are ways to have it created by AI-controlled machines – with sometimes frighteningly accurate returns.

We are very happy to be able to dive into this world of the AI ​​generator content that can immediately reach for the iPhone app Makale (App Store link), which is available for free download in the German App Store. The application, which is around 74 MB in size, requires iOS 15.0 or later to be installed as Mac macOS 12.0 or later. Contrary to the App Store information, the content is also available in German.

“The Makale app is designed to share a wide range of articles, news and more with users, all created using state-of-the-art technology. Stay ahead of the curve and discover new perspectives with our app. Explore a variety of topics and gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. Our technology is constantly evolving, ensuring you always have access to the most relevant information.”

This is how the Makale development team reports. At the launch of the app, content has started to be made available in four languages ​​- English, German, Spanish and Turkish. Ten languages ​​should be available from February, and all languages ​​should be available by the end of this year. According to Happy App Lab developer Berke Kurnaz, artificial intelligence was used during the development process, “from our application’s marketing strategies to newly added features. We made extensive use of the code writing and code optimization capabilities of artificial intelligence during the development phase.”

In Makale there are numerous articles written by artificial intelligence in different categories. There are the areas of technology, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, art and culture, travel and health. Before starting for the first time, you select one of the available languages, decide on the light or dark mode of the app, and optionally leave some information about yourself.

The quality of the items could be greatly improved

The app then has a main menu with currently popular and recently published articles to browse through. In the Category tab, you can find the AI ​​content sorted according to its thematic context, and there is also a search function to look out for specific articles related to a can.

The topic of AI for text generation is possibly exciting and could even lead to entire editorial offices being exchanged for computers that generate and feed content. At the moment, however, Makale is still showing the big disadvantage of this rather created content: it looks like short essays from middle school and not like well-researched articles with cross-references and quotations.

If you want to access all the content we offer, you have to pay for a subscription, which costs 2.99 euros/month and also includes other features such as ad-free, a favorites list and early access to new functions. With the current quality of the AI ​​Generation content, I can only advise against taking out a subscription, fortunately you can also get a first glimpse of Makale for free beforehand. We still have all articles without the use of artificial intelligence: Here real people are still sitting in front of the computer and typing their sentences into the keys – with all the advantages and disadvantages, which dies with it.

, Makale: The new app delivers KI-generator articles to the iPhone

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