solar generators and power plants

We still live without Interwegs, but they died clever power plants and solar generators certainly. Don’t forget that gadgets are not ideal as a power source, for example when camping. In the face of Rising energy costs the generators are also suitable for the balcony, garden and anywhere in your own four walls where there is no electricity from the socket.

Secure at a discount price: Mobile power station at ALDI

The inexpensive power station in the ALDI online shop is currently in an unbelievable discount offer for super cheap 129 euros! The portable model is perfect for charging your smartphone and other devices on the go.

Anchor solar panels

Thanks to the solar panel, many models of these mini power plants work completely autonomously – without additional costs. We are currently enthusiastic about the solutions from Energie-Profi Anker with a really good price-performance ratio. Therefore, many solar generators and power stations are also suitable as emergency generatorsto bridge shorter time intervals – completely without additional fuel. Save here completely 80 euro extra, you compensate the discount code Activity.

More energy for less gel: the best offers on Amazon

The 100 watt outdoor solar generator from the Jackery packs a punch Our price favourite among the practical energy solutions for your home. You can connect the device to a compatible power station and convert it into a solar generator. No heart smarter: That foldable solar panel also supplies smaller electrical devices such as your iPhone or iPad Air directly with power. Ideal for shorter excursions into the countryside.

This combination is ideal for longer journeys and ends up in the shopping trolley. You have to check back here from time to time, because the availability is currently fluctuating.

Shop for more smart energy packages

The portable power station from Ecoflow is perfect for camping trips, the garden or balcony, but also as an emergency power unit. As already mentioned, the X-Stream technology makes the device portable. Akku can be seen in the showpieces – indoor hall from 60 minutes and 80 minutes later, but there’s no doubt that Akku pulled it all off.

The eleven outputs have a power of 1800 W, power plant can supply almost 90 percent of all household appliances with energy.

Thanks to the “pass-through” charging function, the power station can also pass on energy to devices while it is being charged itself.

The waterproof solar module from Ecoflow Delta Max is not only suitable for generating energy on the balcony at home, it is also ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.

The solar panel and the connected power generator are also designed to charge and power your devices at the same time.

Power plants and solar generators are Amazon Buy

Another of our favorites is the Bluetti solar generator EB3A with the powerful solar panel.

With 268 watt hours The small device supplies commercially available mini fridges, televisions or laptops with electricity for up to 4 hours – sufficient for a garden party with the family or a football night with friends. You can charge it either from the socket or with the power of the sun.

This solar generator has real power

In a set with 2 solar panels, the Jackery solar generator really packs a punch. With 1,002 watt hours, the portable power station is also suitable for use as an emergency power generator in addition to use in the mobile home. And all without expensive fuel.

Like the Jackery solar generator in the “smaller version” with 518WH it’s worth it!

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