“The Best Hack’n Slay Since Diablo 2”

The action RPG Chronicon is released on Steam and convinces with strong 95% positive reviews. What was that game?

Was it for a game? Chronicon (PC) is an Action RPG on Steam that was released back in 2020 and was developed by Subworld.

The game puts you in a world where evil has been completely defeated and every treasure chest has been looted. So that you could still shred your way through masses of enemies and collect loot in typical hack ‘n’ slay fashion, people created a mysterious device called the Chronicon.

The Chronicon has a special ability. A portal can be created to the memories of heroes from days long past. With this portal, chosen people can revive the story, slip into the shoes of the former heroes and fight the evils of the past. And plunder treasure chests.

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From Knights Templar to Witcher

Which game plays differently the game? Chronicon has a campaign with 5 acts, each telling its own story and taking you through procedurally generated areas. These can be played solo or in couch co-op on a split screen.

You can also choose a total of four classes. You decide what suits you best: the Knights Templar, the Berserker, the Guardian or the Sorcerer?

Chronicon Steam Classes
The four classes of Chronicon

In addition to classes, Chronicon offers you over 400 items with special abilities, as well as over 700 items with randomized enchantments and properties, build-altering powers, and set items.

You can also use manual skills and upgrade your equipment with gems, sockets and runes or improve your character with over 900 skills that can be learned.

In general, your character progression in Chronicon is unlimited as you can play endless mastery threads. There is also a hardcore mode, which should also challenge particularly ambitious players.

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The endgame of the action RPG also offers enough content for hours of playtime, since certain dungeons, bosses and crafting mechanics are only unlocked at this point.

“Every A-RPG developer should be forced to play this game”

Was it steamy player? The action RPG made a very positive impression on Steam. Many players praise the gameplay and draw a positive conclusion. Out of a total of 7,385 player reviews, a strong 95% are positive.

  • Exotic Fanta: “Now I’ve been on Steam for ages and played all sorts of things – Titan Quest, Grim Dawn and hundreds of other games like Diablo 1, 2, 3. And what did I randomly find in my library here? I honestly can’t remember how I got into this game, but it’s the best hack ‘n’ slash game I’ve played since Diablo 2 (via Steam).”
  • Badseb: “Behind little promising information […] and the unspectacular graphics, a small pearl is hidden. Under the not particularly pretty robe is a genuine Hack’n’Slay, which turns out to be quite complex on closer inspection. […] All in all a very good and comprehensive game, which is hidden under the less than splendid dress of a 2D pixel game (via Steam).”
  • surikum: “Really a nice game. A hack and slay that is addictive. You can tell the lie in the details. I recommend it for genre fans (via Steam)!”
  • Primus: “Every A-RPG developer should be forced to play this game. It has everything you need and everything you expect. You won’t regret it if you are Diablo/ PoE/ Grimdawn or whatever fans. Because apart from the pixel art graphics, there is nothing to complain about, absolutely nothing (via Steam)!”

How much does Chronicon cost? Chronicon costs €11.59 on Steam. You can also purchase the Ancient Beasts add-on for €4.99. In addition, the DLC “The Mechanist” will be released in 2023.

Another action-RPG that’s doing really well on Steam and has tons of positive reviews is Last Epoch.

Action RPG on Steam mixes Diablo and PoE, has over 10,000 positive reviews – “This is Diablo 4”

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