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In its big September 2022 keynote, Apple introduced some new devices that also run the iPhone 14. But it was also presented Apple Watch Ultra, One of three new smartwatches launched in September. You can easily buy them directly from amazon. Almost all models of the Apple Watch Ultra are currently available again. The Watch Ultra with Trail Loop in blue/grey delivers the top price – starting at legendary ones 917 euros is she yours

A good alternative is the Ultra with the green strap. cost point: 942 euros.

Not only with numerous new functions the smart watch makes a name for itself, but mainly because of the more than blatant prices! The Apple Watch Ultra makes a statement in a new case.


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The better alternatives

Isn’t the Apple Watch Ultra much better than the old one? What’s mostly available are the also new Apple Watch 8 and the Apple Watch SE2.

Apple Watch Ultra: How to become a premium smartwatch

Before we take a closer look at the functions of the Apple Watch Ultra, let’s start with one of the most important questions. How much did the Apple Watch Ultra cost? Not only connoisseurs of the scene should have been aware in advance that she would not be available for pennies. Nevertheless, you have to pay the now officially announced price of 999 euros let it sink in first.

Yes, you have to put almost 1,000 euros on the table for the Apple Watch Ultra. The next holiday can also be safely canceled. But: The premium smartwatch from Apple is not aimed at beginners, but at professional athletes and people for whom the numerous functions that can only be used to a limited extent in everyday life offer relevant added value. We would have a price tag, that would still be the case, but there was a lot to save on the Apple Watch 7.

What to do, ask yourself that you want to buy an Apple Watch. Expensive and new or cheaper and less new? Apple fans face a difficult choice.

The Apple Watch Ultra has it all

Two of the main new features that the Apple Watch Ultra shares with the also new Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE2 are the temperature detection and accident detection. The former function shows a change in body temperature in the Health app. This feature, according to Apple, primarily affects women. It allows them to gain insights into female health and their cycle.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a lot in life, serious car accidents to recognize and in the next step to notify the emergency service and to give them the exact GPS data of the accident site. If desired, the preset emergency contact can also be informed automatically. Apple assures that this feature is still active while driving and can be turned off at any time.

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What else is there to say? The case of the Apple Watch Ultra is made of titanium, the same material that is considerably stronger than aluminum or stainless steel. With a case size of 49 millimeters, it is the great Apple Watch of all time – A smaller Ultra variant is not available. A new “Action Button” allows you to save and quickly activate various functions. The smart watch has two speakers (previously there was only one), a depth gauge that works to an underwater depth of 40 meters and an improved GPS antenna.

Apple Watch Ultra: Three straps to choose from

The umpteen functions of the Apple Watch Ultra are completed with three programmable wristbands, which are intended to optimize travel comfort and are again a sign that the premium smartwatch is primarily aimed at athletes, hikers and divers.

One of the bracelet variants is the robust Alpine loop, consisting of two layers of fabric, which are woven seamlessly into a continuous bracelet. The thin, light Trail Loop Band is made from a soft, double-layer nylon mesh fabric and has a convenient pull tab for quick adjustments on the go. Then there is the clock with a ocean bracelet made of excellent elastomer in a tubular structure, this is particularly suitable for water sports enthusiasts.

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