Tip – Block spam calls and messages

A lot of spam calls and messages are doing the rounds right now. Annoying telemarketing calls or text messages with the text: “Hello Mom, this is my new phone number.” To prevent you from seeing such calls or similar text messages in the first place, you can block them directly on your smartphone.

Call screening on your Pixel phone

The Pixel phones offer the ability to intercept calls using call screening. with call screen or in this country call filter you answer calls from unknown numbers via the Assistant. The conversation and the replies are displayed as text, so you can decide for yourself whether you actually want to take the conversation.

Call screen active

First, open the phone app and its settings. Here right at the top is the Call Filter option. Click on it to start the call filter. You can choose between two voice colors (voice 1 female, voice 2 male). Call Filter works on your device without a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. The transcripts of the conversations are only saved on your smartphone.

Then, when a call comes in from the specified/unknown number, the Assistant option appears on the phone screen: Check call. By clicking on the pill, the assistant starts accepting the call. The transcript of the call runs on the display. At the bottom of the screen are possible answers.

If you want to reject or accept the call, press the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.

If you press Connect, the caller will receive a short message from the assistant: “Thanks, you will now be connected.”

In the USA you can use other settings (save call screen audio, settings for unknown calls -> possible fake numbers, alleged callers, private or alleged numbers) for Call Screen, which we are denied in this country.

Caller ID and Spam on Pixel Phone

You can also find the Caller ID and Spam option in the Google Phone app settings. By clicking on it you choose whether the caller ID and spam ID should be displayed. You can also activate the filtering out of spam calls and activated verified numbers. This means that for incoming calls from companies, the caller ID and the reason for the call will be displayed.

Before you can use verified calls, you must first add your phone number as a verified number to your Google account.

In the settings of the phone app under advanced there is also the option to announce the caller ID. Here you can choose whether the caller ID is read out always, when using a headset or never. So you know who’s calling, even when you’re not holding your smartphone.

Blocked Numbers

In the settings of the Phone app there is still the entry “Blocked numbers”. Here you can enable calls from unidentified numbers (withheld numbers) to be blocked. You will also not receive calls or SMS from blocked numbers. You can also block numbers manually (enter number by hand).

Check default spam call blocking app

One option that’s not quite as common is to check the default spam call blocking app. For the best protection against spam calls ask here to have the Google Phone app marked. There may also be no app listed, which may be the case regardless of when you first used your device.

To check the default app, open System Preferences and search for “Default app for caller ID and spam protection”. If the “No app” option is selected here, select the Phone/Phone app option. Therefore, it was a full-fledged protection grab.

If you now open the System settings -> Apps -> Default apps again, you will now find the entry Telephone app under Caller ID and spam app.

Block spam messages

To block spam messages in Google Messages, open the app and then Messages settings (click on your profile avatar in the top right corner). Here you will find the entry spam protection. By clicking on it, activities are carried out on it. All spam messages are now recognized and listed separately (available under Menu -> Marked as spam and blocked).

Manually report unrecognized spam calls and SMS

Despite all the precautionary measures, it can happen that a call or an SMS is not recognised. To report spam calls and texts yourself, open the Google Phone app and tap the Call History tab. Long-tap the number you want to report as spam, then select Block/Report Spam from the context menu

20230123 spam calls

You can also manually report unrecognized spam SMS in Google Messages. Here you also select the number by pressing and holding it and then click on the three dots at the top right. Here you tap on Block to move the number to “Marked as spam and blocked”. You can also check the Report spam box to send the spammer’s number and recent messages to Google and possibly to your wireless service provider so they can take action against the spammer/their number as well.

20230123 spam call messages


Spam calls and messages can be a real pain in the ass, especially when they flood your smartphone. However, you can enable some features on your smartphone to combat the unsolicited text messages and callers.

, Tip – Block spam calls and messages

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