Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro: Smart lighting for gamers and the smart home starts in Germany

Xiaomi is now offering a versatile lighting system in Germany. A microphone is integrated, use on a gaming PC is supported, as is integration into the smart home.

Xiaomi is now offering a new smart home product. The Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro is a smart lighting solution that can be used in several ways. Specifically, the light strip is equipped with a microphone that can react to music. This response can be adjusted in relation to the colors displayed, and one of four dynamic effects can be selected. The sensitivity should be adjustable in three stages.

The light strip can also be used with a computer, although the Razer Chroma RGB or ASUS Aura Sync software is required to synchronize the lighting – the specific game titles must also support the function.

Integration into the smart home is possible, with Google Home being supported. The Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro is two meters long, with a total of 60 LEDs per meter. Control of the colors is not possible individually for each individual LED, instead the control of 10 cm long segments takes place, which should result in different possible combinations.

A cable remote control with three buttons is available for control, which allows switching on and off as well as resetting and changing the operating mode. The extension is possible up to five meters, the Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro Extensions are each one meter long. The power consumption of the basic version is given as 17 watts.

The Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro lighting system is offered by Xiaomi itself for a price of just under 100 euros.

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