Why do you need to restart your smartphone?

“My mobile phone is so much more than a high-tech device. For most of us, it’s our everyday thing. It allows emails, videos, and photos to be transferred. It tells its life story minute by minute. When it’s bugs, it’s ‘panic on board’! A charging problem and it End of the world However, our life assistant asks to turn off, at least restart … Few people know that! Here’s how and why you regularly extend your phone.

Smartphone is the daily target for millions of us!

Smartphone is the daily target for millions of us! Source: spm

To be honest, sometimes you need several charges during the day to keep your smartphone working until the evening. Therefore, the charger is the first thing you put in your bag for the day. You’ve already noticed that no matter what the charge level is sometimes, your touchscreen phone is free to eavesdrop! He no longer responds to the actions he usually manages to do in half a second!

Why do you need to restart your smartphone?

Your Android or Apple smartphone is a treasure trove of technology, multitasking, and can’t be stopped. To do this, it needs a good connection and a flawless charge. But not only. If we go back to that famous mistake… Finding an image and searching the net becomes very slow. Did you search for the procedure to address the problem? Answer: “Shutdown and restart”.

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  • Turning off the smartphone allows it to work better

By cutting it off, your smartphone will no longer have to perform all the so-called “background” manipulations, such as updating messages, applications, and so on. In other words, it works in the shadows and you can’t see it. Just a small part of his ongoing activity. It also needs an operating system and updates. Just like on your computer, these updates need to be restarted to take effect. Remember your system access code, shut it down and restart it!

  • Reducing the buffer memory of your smartphone is an asset that ensures its better performance

Turn the phone off and back on

Turn the phone off and back on. Source: spm

I did it and everything is fine! Thus, without waiting for the error, it is recommended to turn off and to reboot He calls him every two days at least.

So let’s get into the daily life of your smartphone. Pages and pages open. Switching between them easily, you may not know that your device never locks them, and keeps them in “cache”, which is a kind of buffer. An idea comes to you, you press on it and it opens.

For example on an Apple smartphone, open WhatsApp and drag the page using the bottom bar towards the middle of the screen. You will discover all the pages that you have opened for a long time. By dragging the pages towards the top of the screen you will make them disappear and empty the cache. It is a first gesture. By shutting down and restarting, you will perform the same procedure, but this time for all functions.

How often should you restart your phone?

Modern smartphones do not need to be rebooted regularly, as they have advanced algorithms that ensure good stability, according to Evgeny Tchertok, Head of IT at Reksoft. However, make it clear that installing too many apps can cause disruption. To avoid this, it is recommended to restart the device every three months, according to the expert.

Should you turn off your phone?

There are various reasons for unplugging your smartphone from time to time, let’s see which one: First of all, dear readers, it allows you to improve battery life by reducing the number of charging cycles. It is also useful to know that turning off your phone regularly helps you fix bugs or crashes. It also gives you the opportunity to take a break from technology and focus on other things. Finally, turning off your mobile phone while you sleep or when you don’t need it saves you some electricity!

Also think of Airplane Mode, it’s good for your smartphone

Contrary to its name, the “airplane mode” Can be used outside of aircraft. It rests your smartphone. No more incoming calls, geolocation, emails, and other messages. However, you can watch downloaded videos, work on a word processor, and more.

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Blocks background updates and disconnects from networks. Entering a meeting, not in “silent mode”, but in “airplane mode”, brings you focus and peace, but it will also put your smartphone at rest.

As you have seen, turning off and restarting your smartphone is not a sacrilegious gesture! It relieves cache and helps your phone install new functions. So get into the healthy habit of letting him rest.

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