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To our credit, Microsoft announces the end of Windows 10 marketing. Soon we will not be able to buy or even download the system. Hurry up to get an ISO copy of it before it’s too late!

Windows 10 will be out soon. We learn about the news when you turn a page from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10, which has so far been on sale for 145 euros, will be removed from the shelves from January 31, 2023. After that, it will no longer be possible to purchase it from the publisher. Above all, it seems very likely that Microsoft no longer offers to download an ISO image of the system as it does now. However, the publisher guarantees that security updates for this version will continue to be supported until October 14, 2025. Remember that Windows 10 was released in 2015 and gave way in 2021 to Windows 11, a major evolution of the system, with a sleeker design. Richer design and functionality but cannot be installed on any computer.

What are the consequences of Windows 10 ending in availability?

Windows 11 is certainly very efficient and more comfortable to use than its predecessor, but it is also more demanding and selective about the computers capable of hosting it. Microsoft has already imposed technical limitations for you to take advantage of. PC must have at least 8th generation Intel Core processor or newer – some Atom, Celeron, Pentium and 3rd generation AMD Ryzen chipsets as well as some Athlon and Epyc models are also supported – more than 4GB of RAM, above all , motherboard with TPM 2.0 module (for Trust Platform Module or Secure Platform Module in French). This chip integrated into the motherboard stores encrypted data that can be used in authentication stages, for example. Without this small component, it is impossible to update a computer to Windows 11. There are several limitations that have led many users to stay on Windows 10. And if Microsoft no longer offers them to sell or download disk images (ISO files) from the system, it is better not to Computer crashes and does not require reinstallation from USB or DVD. It gets quite complicated when you get your hands on a clean ISO image ready to be installed.

We strongly recommend that you download a copy of Windows 10 before it disappears from Microsoft shelves on January 31st and keep it safe on a USB key or hard drive. In the event of a failure, it will always be possible to reinstall a clean and healthy system without searching the web for a disk image whose security and reliability cannot be guaranteed. Follow the tips in our handy paper to restore Windows 10 from Microsoft.

If it’s already too late, nothing is lost. If Windows 10 disappears from Microsoft’s shelves, it’s a safe bet that it will still be possible to get it from many online merchants. You can even find official, legal and fully functional licenses for a few euros or even less than 1 euro (check our article), especially on Rakuten, which is a completely recognized and secure platform!

Be careful, however, with some low-cost license vendors who only sell license keys to activate the system but no download links to bring home the Windows installation files. Do not worry of this kind with the real specialists, who offer everything: the key, the download links and the procedure with the free contact number to activate Windows 10 directly on Microsoft voice servers!

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