Marvel’s Midnight Suns: This is what awaits you in the Deadpool – DLC

It’s not that cheap, the season pass for the fun superhero tactical role-playing game from the XCOM makers at Firaxis. For download packages you put more than 40 euros on the table. After all, four superheroes, new missions, skins and a lot more were confirmed. Now, with the Deadpool DLC, at least the first of the four packages is available and of course the question arises as to what the DLC has to offer – also as a preview of what the next three will contain.

Marvel’s Midnight Sun apparently didn’t sell nearly as well as hoped. That at least suggests the fact that the game from the XCOM makers was available at a reduced price just a few weeks after the release. Completely undeserved, one has to say, because at least for us the game was a real pearl of the past gaming year – despite a few bugs that have since been fixed.

What was it, especially probably, that the late year 2022 wasn’t necessarily stuffed with releases? Was it the initial expectation of an XCOM with superheroes? Or the unjustified deterrent of the card system? Or because Firaxis and 2K couldn’t really pick up a potential clientele, namely role players? You don’t know… Anyway, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is and remains a fine game and now the first DLC from the Season Pass is finally here.

We remember: Deadpool, Venom, Mobius and Storm are the four heroes who are gradually dying with new missions and other extras as part of the Season Pass. Deadpool celebrated its debut on January 26th and one could probably be curious about it, especially since Firaxis already staged the superheroes from the main game in a visually stunning way and with a lot of humor, dialogues and background information.

Well, Deadpool is no different. The gossip among the superheroes also shows her exaggerated ego in the game, gets on everyone’s nerves and Albert until even the hardened Blade’s fangs rot. Perfectly staged, with wonderful animations in the cutscenes and in the missions, Deadpool fits in perfectly with the unequal bunch of superheroes.

This also applies to the Deadpool card set. True to style, the eloquent anti-hero defends himself with two blades, two pistols and grenades and turns out to be a competent damage dealer, especially since he can sometimes massively increase his damage with the “En Fuego” buff.

However, the scope of the DLC is probably manageable, at least on paper. Three story missions are part of Deadpool’s repertoire, all of which revolve around a new threat from hordes of vampires (no typo) led by a villain named Sin and a strange artifact. In order to play through the DLC once, you would also have to complete five missions – as in the main game, any side mission must be played between story missions.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Gameplay Showcase features Deadpool in action

The Deadpool DLC for the tactical role-playing game Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be released on January 26th and beforehand there will be a gameplay showcase that introduces you to the superhero’s skills.

That makes about two to three hours of playtime in the summer. However, one must not forget that there are significantly more missions to play in order to fully receive Deadpool’s card set and expand his friendship, and of course the replay value is retained thanks to the different levels of difficulty. And at least there is still an expansion of the abbey – another rather bizarre and Deadpool-typical little appropriate.

Some may not be enough for the not so cheap Season Pass, but the entertainment value is just as high as the replayability, so that’s fine with a little gnashing of teeth. Especially since you probably have to consider that the Marvel license shouldn’t be that cheap. Completists and Marvel fans can’t avoid the DLC anyway.

, Marvel’s Midnight Suns: This is what awaits you in the Deadpool – DLC

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