A notary from Tarbes creates a crazy inheritance story using Chat GPT and causes a stir

The tweet, which revealed a scenario generated entirely by artificial intelligence, was viewed more than 850,000 times and taken up by national news sites, and raised “real ethical questions” according to Jean-Baptiste Pollet.

“I just read a will that left me speechless. My client who passed away a month ago revealed hidden treasure in his last will. #notary #revelation #heirs. This is the initial tweet that prompted Jean-Baptiste Poulet, a Paris-region notary but originally From Tarbes, to the madness of artificial intelligence and the whirlwind it can create.

I just read a will that left me speechless. My client who passed away a month ago revealed hidden treasure in his last will. #Solicitor #inspiration # heirs

– Jean-Baptiste Bullet – notary and artist (jbbulletnotaire) January 20, 2023

Last Thursday, out of curiosity, this notary who is interested in new technologies relies on Chart GPT, the tool that makes it possible to create texts from elements. “I wondered about the ethical uses of such processes that can fill entire pages of websites in a matter of seconds without any human intervention.” It also proposes an outline of an as-yet-unimagined scenario for this AI. “I spoke to her as if she were in a role-play. I put her up as a Twitter notary who lived a great story in the line of duty. I asked her to tell it in a dramatic way in a series of tweets using the hashtag in a handful of seconds. The front sent me about fifteen tweets, which is… A real scenario that was completely believable in form and content. I was amazed.”

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To go “to the end of this social experiment”, Jean-Baptiste Pollet publishes the production of artificial intelligence on Twitter, at midnight. Quickly, “The Thread,” this thread of posts, went viral. In the end, his initial message amassed over 850,000 views. Unexpectedly fast distribution even attracts national media. BFM, Le Parisien and Le Nouvel Observateur are looking into this story that has excited hundreds of netizens and contacting its supposed author back to the source. “People have fallen into this scenario where three heirs who haven’t seen each other for years go on a kind of treasure hunt. I think the AI ​​was inspired by existing works like The Secret of the Unicorn…” The enthusiasm is so great that the notary has to publish a press release, Plus a new series of tweets to explain how this scenario was developed.

I just told you an interesting story about a hidden treasure and the heirs who come together to find it. #Solicitor #hidden treasure # heirs

– Jean-Baptiste Bullet – notary and artist (jbbulletnotaire) January 23, 2023

Confessions written by Jean-Baptiste Poulet… via Chat GPT. “I just copied all the AI ​​stuff. It was a way of opening people’s eyes to this tool and what it could do, but also the need to check information that was circulating on the internet. It was really crazy. It raises ethical questions. It I was dumbfounded but on the other hand I understand better why I get emails every week from people who have been scammed by hackers who are using my company to extract money from them, under the guise of oath.It is always important to ask questions and point directly to the people involved.A real principle So born out of this virtual madness…

An excerpt from JB Bullet's latest music video.
An excerpt from JB Bullet’s latest music video.

Notary, geek and successful musician!

It is not just documented works and hypothetical explorations into Jean-Baptiste Poulet’s daily life. Recently, he has reconnected with his artistic spirit, releasing his title “Palmier en hiver”, which was broadcast by about fifty radio stations and his clip garnered 120,000 views. “The irony is that at the same time, Marie Fleur and Julien Dore released a duet called Palmiers en hiver. The funny thing is that we recorded these titles in 2016 and re-released them in 2022” smiles JB Bullet who agrees that the two songs have nothing to do. He released his second single on Friday: “The Last Port”.

, A notary from Tarbes creates a crazy inheritance story using Chat GPT and causes a stir

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