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The console war is in full swing. The battle for supremacy in gamers’ living rooms is far from over.

In the routine corner? Sony’s Playstation 5, cinematic single player heavyweight and winner of the “Design” trophy 2020. Joking aside, you either love the design of the PS5 or you don’t. Tastes are different! In the blue corner? Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S, with acquired developers and the Game Pass as an ace up its sleeve. A worthy opponent, one might think.

Objectively, none of these consoles can be seen as a clear winner, and we personally don’t think we’ll see that day. However, the sales figures speak for themselves! The PS5 had 9 millionaire consoles, and the Xbox Series X/S is lagging behind at “only” 7 million.

The real question that now arises, however, is the mobile gaming market, which is meanwhile to be taken quite seriously. Will the console war escalate to this platform currently under many gamers’ radars?

On the mobile gaming market under the magnifying glass

We just drop a little info here, the question should have within a few sentences.

Our mobile gaming market will already be worth 330 billion US dollars in 2021. If we compare that to the console share (combined) number, the estimated 50 billion entered looks like peanuts. However, the fact is that not even the best blackjack online casinos can keep up! Although sales in the millions are also generated here.

Why has Mobile Market (Jewels again with 2 camps, iOS and Android) been flying on gamers radar for so long?

One reason may be a certain elitist attitude among gamers. Playing games on your phone is often not labeled as a “real gamer”, despite the fact that the market is obviously so big. Let’s not start with the “PC Masterrace”, this topic could fill an article of its own – after the PS5 and Xbox faction alone intrinsically reject the mobile gaming market and thus take away the natural drive that it actually deserves.

Another reason could be demographics. According to a study in 2019, famous games like Candy Crush Saga are played predominantly by women with 83%. Sports, on the other hand, are overwhelmingly male-dominated at 98%. Statistics that state that 49% of gamers are women are true without the necessary context – but action games, first-person shooters and RPG’s (the main genres on consoles) are still predominantly played by gamers.

And if devices like the iPhone 14 Max or other gaming devices like the Asus ROG Phone were pure science fiction 20 years ago, they are in no way inferior in their graphic fidelity to the consoles of the previous generation.

Will the mobile gaming market experience its own console war?

Our prognosis in Clares is no. The mobile gaming market has so far existed in its own ecosystem and has spawned games aimed at a completely different demographic.

We could imagine that the unstoppable technical revolution will at some point mean that we can also play graphical wonder games like God of War Ragnarök on our handheld devices, but the development of new consoles is not yet finished.

Anyone who has the privilege of being old enough at the time of the Game Boy knows how quickly something like this can happen. How amazed we were! Never in our lives would we have thought that we would one day hold a small computer with up to 16GB (!!!) RAM in our hands.

Accordingly, the mobile gaming market is simply on a completely different level. We said: This is so good! I’m more choices we can enjoy as gamers, the better for all of us.

The best games for iOS and Android

As a little treat, we thought that we would select the best mobile games for the Apple and Google platforms and hopefully contribute to the mobile gaming market being taken a little more seriously. Because there are a few pearls that – in our opinion – are best enjoyed with one of the countless iOS and Android controllers.


The writer of these lines is a huge RPG fan. It is also fitting that our first recommendation is clearly the Star Wars: Knights of the Republic port for Android. Aspyr Entertainment has really outdone themselves here (after a few patches, mind you) and fantastically adapted the adventure in a galaxy far, far away for handheld. Clare buy recommendation!

Stardew Valley

A fantastic building game that you can spend hours in – and probably WILL. Building up your farm and turning the pixel graphics at the same time has rarely felt so good – perfect for the way to work on the bus!

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is… odd. But in a uniquely good way! Controlling Princess Ida is a real pleasure and really makes you lose track of time. A true gem of an indie game that feels like it was made for mobile.

. , Battle of the Titans Sony vs. Xbox in the Mobile Gaming Market / Xbox News

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