“But what is this game?” 8 Video Games Weirder Than Each Other

“But what am I playing?” , you may have thought to yourself in the middle of a gaming session. Sometimes confusing, some titles have the advantage of taking the player out of their comfort zone. Shocking scenes, gruesome storyline, amazing gameplay… We present a selection of video games that are weird, that have left their mark on people’s minds forever.

Of course, it is impossible to list all the strange games that have overwhelmed the minds of gamers. Here, is a selection that gives a small overview of the unusual titles whether in terms of gameplay, scenario or simply atmosphere. Don’t wait any longer, let’s go!


  • Harvest
  • Hatoful boyfriend
  • Type: Rider
  • eternity
  • Charge! Find gravity/vacuum
  • Sailor
  • LSD: Dream Emulator
  • Mad Screaming George ParanoiaSkype

This is a good way to immerse yourself directly in the topic of our article: talking about the video game Harvester. Released in 1996, this FMV (Full Motion Video) made an impression with its extremely unhealthy content.Gore, incest, pedophilia… L.The idea was really to be as disruptive as possible, and it worked.” Harvester is a direct provocation against many of the people who sparked the famous debate about violence in video games. More than 25 years later, FMV still boasts a community of fans ready to defend this offbeat game. If you want to know more about the Harvester and why it’s considered one of the most evil games in history, it’s here!

Hatoful Boyfriend is just a game of flirtation… pigeon. The player is the only human to have entered St Pigeonation Institute, a prestigious school for exceptional birds. In this universe where pigeons act like humansIn the game, the player is introduced to several feathered characters. A classic visual novel, except there are volatile substances that the player can stick to despite everything.

What sets video games apart is the ability to play a lot of different characters. very original, Type Rider allows players to embody … two punctuation marks “:”. A platform game on the theme of typography, which, in addition to being unusual and fun, turns out to have an effective educational dimension. With death and retry trends for those who don’t like too easy games, this production by Arte never ceases to impress even though it was released ten years ago. Rated 15/20 by JV, Type Rider beats both editors and players.


Neverhood is a point and click mystery style, made entirely in claymation animation. The atmosphere of this game is unique, cheerful, colorful and empty, with a very pronounced sense of humor. Please attach your resume with the message 1996This title left an impression with its originality in terms of animation and atmosphere. The puzzles ranged in difficulty from extremely easy to extremely difficult, always with an eerie atmosphere to say the least. This adventure is almost exclusively visual by being devoid of text or dialogue, which enhances immersion in this extravagant universe. The player embodies a character named Claymen, a hero made of clay who knows nothing about his alien environment, but will search for meaning regarding his existence. Neverhood is an experience that marks souls with its gentle weirdness. Available in the Abandonware game, it is possible to play it at any time.

Cargo Quest for Gravity is a colorful action-adventure game where the player can build vehicles. It is enough to see some of the game’s images and especially the creatures called Brats, to get an overview of this crazy universe. Released in 2011, this title from Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge did not impress the editorial staff, who gave it a score of 10/20. Surprisingly, this title was not unanimous for the sole purpose of being surprising. From the same studio, we can mention Void Released only a few years ago, it is preferred by gamers in terms of its quirkiness. much deeper than Cargo Quest for Gravity, This immersive adventure game that brings philosophical reflections in a dreamlike atmosphere. Ice-Pick Lodge is a studio that dares to be original in its productions, whether they are relatable or memorable.

Quite possibly one of the most unusual video games known, Seaman is a simulation of a pet that needs to be taken care of. Unlike the Tamagotchi, he’s not an adorable creature, but a fish that’s a far cry from the cute guy face. This bizarre production was one of the few games on the Dreamcast that had a microphone compatibility to communicate with Seaman. Even stranger, the sample’s responses to your trade attempts are annoying. Not without thought, the human fish can ask specific psychological and societal questions. The player sees Seaman evolve and change his shape as he becomes more and more intelligent. In short, this title is a real UFO that, after more than 20 years, remains firmly in people’s minds.

You know the word “weird” LSD: Dream Emulator all right. This dream simulator was released in 1998 on Playstation. hard to describe, This game is above all a psychedelic experience without apparent coherence. Meditation is at the heart of this title as different colors, designs and sound effects follow each other to create a unique dreamlike atmosphere. With such a high level of weirdness, it still attracts gamers who are just curious or looking for new virtual sensations. LSD: Dream Emulator offers a daring take on the world of dreams that is worth testing at least once.

Mad Screaming George ParanoiaScape

Screaming Mad George’s Paranoiascape is a funky pinball game. The point of view does not follow the ball, but behind the “paddles” of the pinball machine, which are skeletons in this game. The goal is to eliminate enemies by hitting them with the ball. However, the originality of this game lies not only in its gameplay, but above all in its setting, which is as scary as it is strange. Purulent, bloody gore This title is like a bad dream, from which we do not leave indifferent. It’s quite surprising to think that the person behind this annoying game and the nickname “Screaming Mad George”, is Joji again, specializing in special effects and make-up in cinema, has notably worked on the movie Predator. He also participated in the punk music scene by creating his own music group, which elaborates on the game’s soundtrack in this theme.

, “But what is this game?” 8 Video Games Weirder Than Each Other

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