GamerBrother quarrels with Vodafone – “Don’t slip to this level”

Streamer Gamebrother is in a German dispute with its telephone provider Vodafone due to internet problems.

Herne – Anyone who spends a lot of time on Twitter knows about escapades by brands and companies that give the social media officers a lot of freedom. Oh twitch streamer, Simon Schildgen aka Gamer Brother is focused on good internet in his own four walls. But the management of Vodafone makes things difficult for him and confronts the internet provider on Twitter. The dispute between the streamer and the internet provider goes under the belt.

Surname Simon Schildgen
Known as play brother
Born June 13, 1998
Residence herne
Never stop on YouTube 1.04 million (January 2023)
Followers on Twitch 407,789 (default January 2023)

GamerBrother complains about Vodafone – Twitch streamer fights

What happened? It’s not the first time a brand has BECOME noticed on Twitter. The German Internet providers Telekom and Vodafone in particular are extremely active on the platform. This is a bane and a blessing for anyone who has to deal with customer service. You often get an answer – but how helpful that is is another question.

GamerBrother is listed as a twitch streamer on a strong internet line. When the streamer from Herne tries to fix problems with his line and vents his anger at Vodafone on Twitter, customer service reports: “We’re really sorry that we haven’t been able to find a solution yet.” The reaction of the streamer is rather rough.

You can lick my balls, writes GamerBrother and explains the approval of fans and streamer colleagues. Also Montana Black, he himself is after falling out with Vodafone is, comment with an approving GIF. At MontanaBlack even the business management went on strike. Another horror prank on Gamer Brother had the streamer vowing revenge.

GamerBrother Struggles With Customer Service – Receives Sermon From Vodafone

Vodafone Shoots Back: Apparently dissatisfied with the streamer’s crude answer, the internet provider replies: “You must not slip to this level, set an example.” A winking smiley is attached. Not giving a damn about his supposed role model function, Gamer Brother strikes out a second time.

In my opinion, you could very well slide into bankruptcy, you are exemplaryThe Twitch streamer also responds with a wink smiley. In the next comment, Vodafone assures that the problem has been taken care of in the meantime. The social media rep banged in here with a few fans of the streamer, but received no further response from GamerBrother.

Twitch streamer gamer brother. Behind the logos of Vodafone and Twitter

“Don’t slip to this level”: dispute with Vodafone service causes GamerBrother to freak out © YouTube: GamerBrother/Vodafone/Twitter

Is Vodafone really that bad? On various web portals for comparing the customer service of different Internet providers, Vodafone is considered one of the best providers. Those commenting have the feeling that Vodafone IS often mentioned when dealing with such problems – but this can also be due to the fact that such disputes with other Internet providers do not even arise if they hide criticism on Twitter. After all, you can be sure that Twitch streamers * have problems with customer service from time to time.

Since Gamer Brother went live that same day, it’s safe to assume that the line issues have really been fixed. But it is conceivable that the Twitch streamer from Herne will turn to another provider in the future. Gamer Brother called football stars on the live stream and got into several awkward situations.

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