The Shrimp on test: Ultra-compact gaming keyboard from Denmark

No more common gaming keyboards! “The Shrimp” from Nordic Game Supply isn’t just mini, it’s micro. We have a mechanical taste for every test.


Gaming certificates have become increasingly popular in recent years – and not just among gamers. High-quality workmanship, fast triggering and, last but not least, colorful RGB lighting ensure stylish and reliable PC operation, whether playing or writing.

The selection of manufacturers and models is huge, and the most well-known keyboards now vary in size: There is the standard version with a numeric keypad, the so-called 60 percent keyboard without this, and intermediate sizes without a numeric keypad, but with additional radio keys statistical radio keys arrow keys.

  1. area of ​​application
  2. Inclusion and Processing
  3. Test and switch
  4. RGB lighting and missing software
  5. prices and variants
  6. Conclusion

So-called one-hand keyboards have been around for a long time, but they are exotic. The choice of models was very limited for many years, but now the demand seems to have increased. There are now at least more of these compact keyboards, including the keyboard called “The Shrimp Model 1” from the Danish gaming distributor Nordic Game Supply.

area of ​​application

You ask yourself why you need a 20 percent keyboard with just 25 keys? The purpose is very different. The Shrimp is suitable, for example, if you want to play a shooter on the PS4 or PS5. The keyboard has always made all the simple keys while still fitting on any coffee table.

The Shrimp is also interesting for notebook gamers, since many laptops have very flashy keys without a large drop. The one-handed keyboard is better placed here, because it offers the same comfort as a normal large desktop keyboard.


The better ergonomics are also mentioned among the editorial colleagues. The small keyboard is much easier to position on the table than large keyboards, so you could play more comfortably with your hand slightly turned in, for example. And then of course there is mobility. In addition to the laptop, an external mouse is often packed, why not a mini keyboard?

The keyboard is primarily made for casual games and shooters. In addition, the slimmed-down keyboard around WASD offers the most important keys for control. On the other hand, we mainly play games in which an extremely large number of keys are equipped with functions that should remain with a standard keyboard.

Inclusion and Processing

In addition to the keyboard itself, The Shrimp comes with a padded hand rest, a textile-coated USB-C to USB-A cable, a keycap puller and a fabric transport bag. A stable transport bag would have been desirable for the latter.

This processing quality is very good. The keyboard housing is not made of aluminum, as is sometimes the case with high-quality keyboards, but everything makes a solid impression, not least thanks to the impressive weight of around 320 grams without and 440 grams with the palm rest.

The palm rest is covered with textured leather, padded and attaches magnetically to the keyboard – it holds up well and is above all comfortable. Let’s get down to what matters most to gamers: the buttons.

Test and switch

The test caps are made of ABS plastic and come in a classic cherry profile. This means that the keys on most standard keyboards are slightly lower than the keys. When it comes to switches, The Shrimp uses mechanical Gateron G Pro switches.

The keys can be pressed linearly, without clicking and pressure point. As a result, the keyboard is quite quiet overall. Of course, we don’t want switches to be exchanged for favored alternatives.

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The lettering on the keyboard is larger than average. This means that the individual keys can not only be found straight away, the RGB lighting also comes into its own. The designations are not printed, but left out. This has the advantage that labels do not wear out as quickly.

In addition to the standard buttons, there are also two controls for changing the volume and RGB effects, as well as a button for muting the system sound.

In addition, The Shrimp offers a function key that you can use with a second key to execute certain shortcuts. They are preset and cannot be changed. Among other things, the media control and the execution of the Enter or F keys are available, which the keyboard lacks.

RGB lighting and missing software

The Shrimp features numerous RGB lighting effects. This is particularly effective because of the large captions. The effect is selected using one of the two upper rotary controls. However, the respective color effect cannot be changed, speed, color change and Co. are predefined.


This is not least due to the fact that there is no corresponding software for the keyboard, as is usually the case with gaming keyboards. For the manufacturer, this of course has the advantage that he does not have to work with the software.

For individualists, however, it is a disadvantage. After all, customizing lighting effects and function keys is a handy thing. Of course, it simplifies the entire handling, since the keyboard simply has to be plugged in.

prices and variants

The shrimp has a recommended retail price of 79.95 euros. You can currently order it via the official website and the SmartPlay online shop. The mini keyboard is available in four different colors. “Bomber” relies on a brightly colored design with a palm rest designed in a sticker look.

“Pinkey” comes in a pink theme, while “Vitello” comes in white and “Monochrome” (our test device) in black. The Escape, WASD and Space keys are different in color from the rest of each version.

The availability of the keyboard is currently fluctuating (as of January 2022). Ordering via the official website is currently not possible, there are only very few jewels in stock in the SmartPlay online shop.


If you are looking for a gaming keyboard that is as compact as possible, The Shrimp is a good choice. Workmanship and optics are great, the mechanical switches and low key profiles make operation comfortable together with the comfortable palm rest.

As befits a high-quality keyboard, switches and keycaps can be exchanged and thus adapted to individual preferences. For many, however, the out-of-the-box version with Gateron G Pro switches was also right.

With a price of around 80 euros, The Shrimp is no bargain. However, since high-quality gaming keyboards can cost up to 350 euros, this is reasonable, especially since the quality is right. We see the intended use above all for gamers who play on the notebook or on the console. Here, the mini keyboard delivers the feel of a desktop keyboard.


  • Good build quality
  • fixed stand
  • Comfortable palm rest
  • Large labeling of the most important keys
  • Pleasant typing thanks to the Cherry profile and Gateron G Pro switches


  • No software to customize
  • A more stable transport box instead of a cloth bag would be nicer

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