After canceling two of its games, a new hit for EA?

Yesterday, at Electronic Arts, it smelled a little burnt. Unfortunately for the American publisher, the time has come to make some grim announcements, regarding either an abrupt closure or curtailed cancellation. Rest assured, some projects have been avoided, but not this: a hard blow as it relates to a license particularly prized by gamers who were eagerly awaiting its return.

Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile soldiers will be retiring

On the Electronic Arts side, it’s a bit like a roller coaster in terms of production. Every year, the American publisher can count on its famous soccer game, FIFAAnd fortunately for him because there are projects that sometimes put him in the dark, like Battlefield 2042 which did not receive the expected reception. Of late, the iconic Call of Duty competitor is trying to regain his health and recently underwent surgery A very dangerous turn to please the crowd. However, for this year 2023, we seem to be starting on the same lines.

After canceling two of its games, a new hit for EA?After canceling two of its games, a new hit for EA?

If there is the next version of Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorAnd Somewhat offbeat as announced yesterdayWe’re still recording Fairly moribund ads from Electronic ArtsAnd these are the fansApex Legends And battlefield who pay dearly. yesterday, We have learned of the disastrous fate of Apex Legends: Mobilewho never had the chance to blow out her first candle, and Battlefield Mobile which had to come to rival the majestic market that had always captured its enemy, Call of Duty. To make matters worse, Electronic Arts is scoring a new hit, Jason Schreyer, a senior video game pen working for Bloomberg Media, reports.

A new highly rated project license was canceled in the aftermath

Media hype about canceling mobile versions ofApex Legends And battlefield It helped cover up another sad decision from Electronic Arts. As journalist Jason Schreyer reveals, The American publisher, in parallel with the aforementioned announcements, canceled a project that was not disclosed to the public (known by the code name ” TFL ” where ” Titanfall Legends “) which was supposed to be a single player game set within the shared universe of the Apex Legends and Titanfall franchises. A title that fans have dreamed of for many years…

Internally, the repercussions of this cancellation are being felt. Thanks to his connections within the company, Jason Schreier has made it clear to us that this project, which is in production within studio Respawn Entertainment, could have serious consequences for employees. at the current hour, Electronic Arts is doing its best to allow the 50 employees on this project access to a new position within the company. In the event of a deadlock, it would be the publisher Force them to let go of employees who cannot be transferred to other projects and pay them compensation provided for this purpose.

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