PlayStation Plus: 3 ‘free’ games for March 2023 revealed, Extra and Premium add-ons announced

PlayStation took advantage of this evening’s State of Play broadcast to announce new games to be part of the PlayStation Plus catalog: a subscription service that, for monthly payments, allows gamers to take advantage of free games.


  • Battlefield 2042 (Basics, Add-ons, and Premiums)
  • Minecraft Dungeons (Basic, Extra, and Premium)
  • Code Vein (Essential, Extra and Premium)
  • Other catalog entries

The latest installment of the Battlefield saga, Battlefield 2042 was controversial upon its release. Bugs, crashes of all kinds, lack of key functionality… Gamers quickly denounced the title: evidenced by the number of players who fell in the months following its launch. However, Electronic Arts did not give up and came back With a much needed fan system There are few. From March 7th, the arrival of Battlefield 2042 could be an opportunity to experience the latest installment in the cult saga of the first-person shooter genre at a low price.

PlayStation Plus: 3 games

If Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are undoubtedly the most anticipated games of 2023, then Diablo 4 should be in ambush. An open beta is expected at the end of March, enough to prepare for the title’s release on June 6th. To warm up your thumbs, we can also think of Minecraft Dungeons as it hits PlayStation Plus on March 7th. Of course, the atmosphere is completely different in Mojang but it will suit hack’n’slash fans just fine.

PlayStation Plus: 3 games

Fans had high hopes like souls : This gameplay state could have been an occasion to announce new additional content for Elden Ring. A nice gift for gamers in light of February 25th, the anniversary date of FromSoftware’s latest release. It was nothing, and some will be able to console themselves with the arrival of Code Vein in the catalog NecessitiesAnd additional And beloved PlayStation Plus from May 7th.

PlayStation Plus: 3 games

Other catalog entries

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