Scientists have created 3D printed chocolate, and it’s healthier, too

A gourmet note, you can get even more with these chocolates made entirely in a lab. It is much better for health, it opens the field of possibilities for scientific food, a future that is more beautiful than it seems.

3D printed chocolate, low in fat

We often talk about addiction to certain drugs or certain activities such as video games … But many of these people who rebel against these practices put on kilograms of chocolate every year, and like most drugs, it is far from benign.

In reality, Excessive consumption of chocolate can only harm our health, Because it combines fat and sugar, a duo that is not highly recommended in large quantities. I’m not going to list the diseases and disorders that can result from this, you get the idea.

But how can you continue to enjoy yourself without having to limit yourself too much and without harming your health? future solution It has just been found at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. It has a section dedicated to food science, which hasn’t been out of work, as evidenced by this study published a few months ago on ScienceDirect, which should appeal to cocoa lovers.

Scientists have created 3D printed chocolate, and it's healthier, too

that it 3D printed chocolate has much less fat than classic chocolate. To achieve this result, scientists managed Replace cocoa butter, an essential ingredient in making chocolate, with an emulsion of water and oil. But finally, water and oil don’t mix yet? To achieve such a feat, the research team mixed the two ingredients by gradually adding each in small drops, then using an emulsion that binds them, as is often seen in the culinary industry.

Add to that a little table syrup, controlled viscosity and a nice balance of ingredients, and you’re done.

3D printing has been around for a long time, and in this case, its work is just like chocolate and plastic: We add layers of materials based on a 3D digital model. Huang, a professor in the Department of Culinary Sciences, says a smartphone and an app are enough to control the printer.

All of this is good for us. It is recommended to eat chocolate in low doses, and we can avoid its negative points even during high consumption.

3D printing, the door is open to many other culinary innovations

This made-from-scratch chocolate is Rutgers University’s first step in making a range of chocolate treats “functional foods”. Huang tells us:

3D food printing allows the development of edible products with a customized taste and shape, the same for texture and especially the balance of nutrients, all according to the needs of the consumer.

Huang points out The team is already working on tuning the sugar in chocolate, In order to create variants with a low level of sugar, and even without sugar at all.

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