The Pixel’s Google Photos features only come to the iPhone

Google just announced that new Google Photos features for the latest Pixel phones are coming to other devices. Among these is the Magic Eraser function that will be available on Android and iOS.

The advanced features of Google Photos that Mountain View has so far will only roll out to Pixel 6 and 7 on other Android devices, but also on iPhones. However, there is a prerequisite for you to be able to take advantage of it. These features will only be available to Google One subscribers. Subscribing to the cheapest offer (billed at €1.99 per month) is sufficient up front to be eligible.

Magic Eraser is coming to iOS

Magic Eraser is arguably the most interesting feature that users will be able to take advantage of. Driven by Google’s artificial intelligence, it is able to automatically detect elements of an image that affect its quality (or beauty). trash can, power line, pole, or even a Photo bomber Came to soil a family photo? With just one click (or thereabouts), Magic Eraser will remove these unsightly elements from the image. The functionality also includes a “camouflage” mode. When used, this allows you to change the color of the object in the image so that it blends with the background to be forgotten.

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HDR filters on your new videos and photo collages

Another new feature coming to Google One subscribers is the ability to apply an HDR filter to their videos. The option, which until now could only be applied to still images, can now be used to improve the brightness and contrast of videos stored in Google Photos.

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Mountain View also took the opportunity to update its collage editor. According to Google, all Google Photos users can now choose to design just one photo used in a photo collage. In addition, new styles of collages will be published for Pixel smartphone users, as well as for Google One subscribers. Finally, if you happen to occasionally use a photo printing service offered by Google, and you’re a Google One subscriber, you’ll automatically benefit from free shipping on all print orders placed with the app.

Mountain View is specifying that these new features are rolling out to all Pixel smartphone users, as well as to all Google One members, regardless of shared offer. Since deployment is being implemented gradually, it is possible that these new functionality will not be immediately available on your device.

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