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You love coding?! learn how to fuel your passion with a few simple subtle steps!

Coding is a skill... like any other skill, to become better is mostly through practice. so myself as a self-taught-then-school-taught fullstack software developer i've realised with time and came-up with a few simple subtle steps that i'm excited to share with beginner tech enthusiasts.

1- Learn by doing...sounds cocky especially for beginners but practicing from the get-go lets you learn to solve the programming challenges that would easily be memorized by your brain.

2- Grasp the basics/ fundamentals for long-term benefits. this will help you accelerate learning curve since you'll be in position to work with diffrent technologies as a whole.

3- code by hand...avoid using code generating tools or templates as this would slow your coding skill developement and since coding aswell depends on your typing, you might want to your hands to get a hang of it.

4- Ask for help when stuck...this will save you alot of time trying to figure-out stuff on your own and perhaps, you don't need to reinvent the wheel everytime because their is a high possibility that there's someone out there who's worked-out a solution to that same code challenge.

5- Research... this will help you gather knowlege faster and learn about the trending new ideas of solving coding challenges more effiently through thousands of online resources that are just a click search away.

6- Take breaks while debugging...most times coders tend to get stuck on a piece of code trying to figure-out what went wrong for several periods of time and this leads to stressing situations. The easy wayout is to take time off awayr from your code to refresh your mind and boom you'll gain a broader perspective of solving the bug/problem holistically otherwise cheers to ahappy coding journey!

© Written by:Tom 'CodeBoy' Mambo.
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