Our Pricing Cards

All our Bouquets are flexible in-terms of pricing and features that can be upgraded to prefered specifications upon customers request. T&C's Apply.



Suitable for small businesses.


1.4M ugx

Secured with SSL

1 Year free hosting

5 Customized Emails


Corperate businesses and NGO's.


2.5M Ugx

Donation feature

customized email support

Blog Feature integrated


Suitable for Online Retail Shops.


5.6M Ugx

Payments Integrated

Cart and User management

Unlimited Site Storage

Custom updating

for pre-existing websites.


820K Ugx

Responsive design

Great User interface

Full Maintenance

Mobile Applications

Basic App


3.2M Ugx

An ios and Andriod App

Interactive User interface

Creative user Experience

Standard App


3.8M Ugx

Basic features Plus

Payments intergrated

Relatively large Data Base

Premium App


10.5M Ugx

Standard Features plus

Smart Recomendation System

Cumulative Data Base

Systems Design

Automation Systems


2.8M Ugx

Automation system is a software programme that enables web applications to automate some of the tedious work within a short span of time through programmed detections and programmed line of actions to be taken accordingly.

Recomendation Systems


6.3M Ugx

This is a kind of Artificial intelligence software that enables online users to easily find products of their interest through accurate trained prediction models of software programmes.

Management Systems


5.2M Ugx

For fast growing buisneses and organisations, keeping track and storage of the ever accumulating client details can only be effiently kept through these digital management systems that aswell harbour large databases.